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Nike Daybreak Type White/Brown/Red

Autor 6erur0nv 
Nike Daybreak Type White/Brown/Red
26 February 2021, 3:11

Staying true to the archive design, nylon uppers and a rubber waffle outsole are seen throughout. The base is balanced by suede overlays that are tinted in a much darker obsidian blue shade. Clean hits of white are present on the heel tab, tongue label, and midsole to disrupt the mix of blues. The colors come together to craft a cool-toned offering appropriate for the winter season.

The sneaker itself features a Nike Sneakers Women Sale upper, with a base layer of nylon which is then adorned with suede and leather overlays. This upper sits atop a full length foam midsole, while the rubber Waffle outsole is a further nod to the sneaker’s origins as a marathon shoe in 1979. The Daybreak is then finished with retro-inspired Nike graphics on the tongue, heel and footbed.

From a visual standpoint, the Nike Daybreak Type White/Brown/Red accents really jump out at you as the the various overlays welcome in mossy toe tips and “Illusion Green” overlays in the forefoot, as well as rear hits that alternate between blue heel counters and purple tabs which host the N.354 branding. In addition, if you take a gander at the the throat you’ll notice that they have been modified with brown, fur-like textures, an element never-before-seen on this model.

The model’s signature suede uppers are a muted Top Quality “Enamel Green” color, adding some hue to an otherwise wholely white silhouette. Although a handful of Daybreak releases in the past took the swoosh as an opportunity to incorporate a pop of color, this pair opts for a white swoosh that blends in with the rest of the body. The iconic waffle outsole is black to sharply contrast the white midsole.



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