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adidas nmd r1 v2 black white

Autor ho1yb9g5 
adidas nmd r1 v2 black white
13 September 2021, 2:52

The NMD R1 sneakers are the ideal complement to add a distinctive touch to your adidas sneakers running daily style, to your trips or to your long walks around the city. This is a shoe that has no limits and that allows you to get out of the routine just by putting it on. Its sole is made with Boost technology, with which we have achieved a resistant and durable product thanks to its solid granular material.

The adidas NMD R1 shoes have a rubber outsole designed to provide enough traction during daily use, so you can walk in them on wet surfaces adidas nmd r1 v2 black white without fear of falling. The rest of the body of the NMD R1 is made of fabric, which makes them light, breathable and comfortable shoes. Another of the special characteristics of this footwear is that its tongue is attached to two elastic bands attached to the inside of the sole, elements that offer great support to the foot, especially when running or doing some exercise.

Adidas has unveiled a brand new iteration of its NMD_R1 V2. Following its bright “Mexico City” colorway seen around the beginning of the month, the advancedonsale German sportswear giant, this time around, has opted for a darker “Munich” makeover that honors the national colors of Germany. This release is part of the “United By Sneakers” collection, a series of models that nod to popular destinations around the globe.

Starting at the top of the shoe is a gradient “adidas” patch logo stamped over a breathable mesh tongue. Most of the uppers come in a sleek black mesh and adidas sneakers men Primeknit weave, complemented by hits of rubber and taped overlays, offering textural contrast to the monochromatic body. A large ripstop pull tab is placed at the heel, held together by a black rubber EVA insert that extends out to the rear quarter.



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